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Scratch swimming the wound should be cleaned

2022-06-25 19:06Floating methods and techniques
Summary: I was scratched by something when I was swimming in the river. It's been 2 days. The wound still hurts. It's urgentThe wound should be cleaned. It can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or alcoho
I was scratched by something when I was swimming in the river. It's been 2 days. The wound still hurts. It's urgent
The wound should be cleaned. It can be cleaned with hydrogen peroScratch swimming  the wound should be cleanedxide or alcohol. There is no such thing. It can also be cleaned with tea. After cleaning, it can be sprinkled with Yunnan Baiyao. Tetanus is not so easy to get. If you don't feel at ease, go to the hospital
How to claim for a scratch on your foot in the swimming pool
Legal analysis: if the swimming pool is responsible for the scratch of the foot in the swimming pool, you can collect evidence of thScratch swimming  the wound should be cleanede other party's fault. If the negotiation fails, you can sue in the court. If the natatorium has provided security obligations within a reasonable limitCan I swim with a scratched foot
Don't go swimming. It's easy to get infected. When I was a child, I often cut my feet in the river. Our landscape is clean, no problem. The water in the city is not good
How to prevent feet from being scratched when swimming at the seaside
There are two kinds of situations where swimming at the seaside is easy to scratch your feet. One is the waste or shells discarded by tourists on the beach. Pay more attention to your feet when Scratch swimming  the wound should be cleanedplaying. The second is that there are many shells on the reefs in the sea, and the shells on the reefs are very sharpHow to deal with the scratch on the foot when swimming
Quickly disinfect with alcohol!!! Remember to adopt
The child is scratched and sewed 14 stitches at the foot of the swimming pool. What compensation should he get and how to claim for compensation
The determination and sharing of responsibilities, swimming in the natatorium, if the ticket is purchased, it will form a service contract relationship with the natatorium. A natatorium shall have the obligation to ensure the safety and applicability of its swimming facilities. It is considered that there are potential safety hazards in the natatorium, and the evidence should be fixedThe swimming pool was scratched
Generally speaking, the water in the swimming pool is disinfected. If you get scratched, it should be no problem to go to the lifeguard to apply some medicine. If you are really worried, you have to go to the hospital
Swimming at the Scratch swimming  the wound should be cleanedseaside, your legs are scratched and bleeding. The water is not clean enough to catch any disease_ Baidu
It should not be infected, because there is salt in the sea water, which has the effect of sterilization, so if you cut your calf, the sea water will disinfect your wound. However, there are many people swimming in the sea. If there are all kinds of people, you don't know who will have any disease and may also infect you. Therefore, you should carefully observe the wound recentlyHow is swimming foot scratched
If you need to go to work or school, you can put a band aid on the wound during the day. Remove the band aid as soon as possible after work or school. Disinfect the wound with Iodophor to let it breathe. Do not touch water (including washing feet, bathing, etc.) and wait for the wound to heal slowly. Usually, the water in the swimming pool contains chlorine or copper sulfateSwimming in the sea was scratched by the reef, leaving a lot of blood. The sand wasn't cleaned up, so the doctor just wiped it off at the clinic
It's not caused by metal. Generally, you don't need to hit it. Of course, it's better to hit it. Don't touch the "affected part" in the near future. Touching the water is easy to cause secondary infection. You can touch the water after it's ready., Take some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as cefixime or azithromycin, and use them according to the instructions. Pharmacies have them
Scratch swimming the wound should be cleaned

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