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Swimming waist can't lift your head

2022-07-01 10:05Floating methods and techniques
Summary: Does the freestyle and butterfly require waist and abdomen strengthIt needs waist and abdomen strength, and the degree of need is quite large. You can try to learn others to swim the butterfly by your
Does the freestyle and butterfly require waist and abdomen strength
It needs waist and abdomen strength, and the degree oSwimming waist  can't lift your headf need is quite large. You can try to learn others to swim the butterfly by yourself. Can't you lift your head? Waist and abdomen strength training can rely on sit ups, but there is another way for the swimming team to exercise the waist and abdomen for water feeling and flexibility, which requires long-term exercise to find the feelingWhat about swimming waist sinking
The reason why you always feel your waist collapses is that your waist is relaxed, especially when you close your legs, you can feel it by yourself. The way to change is to control your back and hips to bow up when you are floating in the water, feel the feeling of flattening your body, and control yourself not to raise your stomach when you retract your legsPain on both sides of the back of the waist after swimming
If you don't exercise often, this is basically normal. Because when swimming, the muscles of the waist will be tired when the waist and legs are forced, and the muscles of the waist will be sore after that. This can be solved by proper relaxation and physiotherapy after exercise, or even by yourself in a few days. If the amount of exercise is not large, some pathological conditions must be excluded. One is disc herniationCan I swim with lumbar ligament strain
Serious strain is not recommended. If it is a slight strain, it is recommended to use swimming with a small amount of exercise to recover. Swimming is a good choice to treat some injuries, but the time should not be too long. Swimming for a long time will produce new injuriesWhat sports are suitable for lumbar disc protrusion
Exercise method of lumbar disc protrusion: the prone Yanfei patient lies on the prone bed, straightens the abdomen and collapses the waist, raises his head, stretches his arms hard, and lifts his legs with his knees as the fulcrum, such as Yanfei style, which lasts for several seconds or longer, repeated many times. Or stand in a standing position, with feet shoulder width apart, hands akimbo or raised to hug the pillowWhat is the reason for waist Swimming waist  can't lift your headpain after swimming
What is the reason for the low back pain in swimming? You should exert yourself when you swim. It will be better if you relaxTips for keeping warm at the waist in swimming
Wrap a few layers of plastic wrap around your waist is useful. Also, pay attention to the swimming time. If your waist is bad, you'd better choose an open-air swimming pool. If you swim indoors at 3 or 4 p.m., you'd better take a shower of cool water before you go intoSwimming waist  can't lift your head the water. This can reduce the stimulation. Try itCan you slim your waist when swimming? Will the legs be thick? What is the best exercise for good figure
Swimming waist will be thin, but shoulders will be wide. If your shoulders are narrow or uneven, swimming can adjust your body. Personally, I think yoga is the best exercise for good body. You can try itSwimming waist the fastest way to loSwimming waist  can't lift your headse weight
Thin waist find a more natural way: smear < Yi Xiuyun > After reaching both sides of the waist, close four fingers together, quickly pinch the side waist fat with a large force, then loosen it, pinch it up and down repeatedly for 5 minutes, and finally wrap it with fresh-keeping film for 15 minutesWhat condition is lumbar bladder classics ache after swimming
Slight injury caused by pulling too hard. Warm up fully before swimming. When swimming, pay attention to the uniform force of paddling and kicking, and do not use excessive force
Swimming waist can't lift your head

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