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Swimming Cantonese pronounced "Ying" Cantonese pronunciation

2022-07-02 11:05Floating methods and techniques
Summary: How to read "Yong" in CantoneseThe Cantonese phonetic notation (Cantonese spelling) of "Yong" is wing6. Read the pronunciation of "Ying" (it is Cantonese pronunciation, and it is ina
How to read "Yong" in Cantonese
The Cantonese phonetic notation (Cantonese spelSwimming Cantonese  pronounced ling) of "Yong" is wing6. Read the pronunciation of "Ying" (it is Cantonese pronunciation, and it is inaccurate to read it with the homophony of Mandarin). See the online phonatioSwimming Cantonese  pronounced n dictionary 。How to write Cantonese in swimming circle
Blister, vernacular feeling~
How to say swimming in Cantonese
It's generally called: swimming (Baidu has online translation of life pronunciation
How to pronounce Cantonese swimming circle
"Swimming ring" and "lifebuoy" are often called "shuipu" in Guangzhou dialect. Water ---seoi2, read the second soundWhat is the pronunciation of yingzi in Cantonese? Is it the same as swimming vernacular
Yes, it's the same Cantonese pronunciation as the word Yong. Cantonese Pinyin: wing6 (English: we&\331;)The Cantonese pronunciation of Yong, Yong and Ying is the same! Confirm
Open Cantonese dictionary Yong [Yong] wihng Yong [Yong] wihng YiSwimming Cantonese  pronounced ng [Ying] wihng
What is the difference between swimming and swimming? Cantonese
The difference between swimming and swimming is that no matter where or when it comes to swimming, Guangzhou people always say "swimming". In the concept of Guangzhou people, "swimming" = "swimming". "Swimming" is written language, which is used when writing letters, compositions and articles, or when speaking Mandarin. Cantonese speakingCantonese swimming Department Midu dialect swimming GA
"Swimming" is spoken language. "Department meters" should be written as "department meters". The word "Ga" is not a Cantonese word, and I don't know which word you want to replace. "Ga" Cantonese phonetic notation gaa1 and got3, read "home" and "cut" respectively. It's a Tibetan transliterationHow to read Cantonese for swimming
Most Cantonese pronunciation has no homophones in Putonghua, and even Putonghua pinyin is invalid for most Cantonese pronunciation Many Cantonese pronunciation can't even find a slightly similar pronunciation in Putonghua Therefore, it is difficult to tell you the Cantonese pronunciation of these two words through a written form that you can understandCantonese swimming Department rice swimming
The so-called "swimming" is spoken Cantonese. "Tie Mi" should be written as Swimming Cantonese  pronounced "tie Mi"
Swimming Cantonese pronounced "Ying" Cantonese pronunciation

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