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Chen he swims because of Chen Jianzhou

2022-07-02 21:47Floating methods and techniques
Summary: Running man once played in water. When was Chen he swimmingThe 12th new year sports meeting in the first quarterRun, brother. Is it Sun Yang who won the swimming relayDue to the participation of Chen
Running man once played in water. When was Chen he swimming
The 12th new year sports meeting in the fChen he swims  because of Chen Jianzhouirst quarter
Run, brother. Is it Sun Yang who won the swimming relay
Due to the participation of Chen Jianzhou and Sun Yang, Li Chen, who originally had an absolute advantage in physical fitness, also encountered the biggest crisis in history this time. The peak duel of the three was full of hot scenes. Team situation: ① Green Team: Deng Chao, angelababy (out), Li Chen (out), Chen he (out)The picture is super loving! Chen he takes his daughter shopping with his good brother. Is Chen he a real slave daughter
You can often see various interactive pictures released by Chen he in the circle of friends with his daughter, which makes you feel really warm. Frequently post photos of his daughter. Since he had a daughter, Chen he's circle of friends basically shows her daughter's photos except for work. In addition to recording her little things, he also patiently accompanies her daughter and encourages her to learn swimmingRun, brother. No GAGs in season 3. What's the English song of Chen Helu Han swimmiChen he swims  because of Chen Jianzhoung
What song is it, please? I'll look for it again. It seems that the friend below didn't say it
What's the name of the episode after Chen he's swimming victory in the fourth season
Three Kingdoms and national integration welcom back—— Audition of ost of unparalleled snake
Chen he patiently taught her daughter how to swim. Ann was indifferent and tightly hugged her father's neck. It was so cute. What do you think
It seems that An'an doesn't cooperate with her father's classroom teaching. No wonder Chen Hewen said: it's really not easy to let sister an swim. Fortunately, An'an is still relatively young. Learning to swim is completely entrusted by her father. This is also a very simple and convenient way, but see Chen he staring at An'an's every move with his heartChen he's wife shows her hot figure in a white swimsuit. Do you think her eyes are hot
Zhang Zixuan in the photo is wearing a white swimsuit suit with a haze blue knitted cardigan. The whole person is very young, as if she were a girl in her twenties. Look at this perfect full body photo, is it super charming, and the color matching of white is sexyChen he's background music when eating spring rolls in the swimming pool, the song when angelababy and Zheng Kai fell into the water
"Love runs out" OneRepublic, album "native"
English episode after the swimmingChen he swims  because of Chen Jianzhou victory of the fourth season running bar brothers Chen he and Lu Han
There is no fourth season yet
The background music after Chen he's swimming pool fell into the water is
Pro, anyone who wants to run male background music can go to BaiChen he swims  because of Chen Jianzhoudu Post Bar "running brother". There is a special post about background music in the post bar, which can meet your thirst for knowledge at one time and stop running around for people. Another way is to use wechat to shake the music recognition when you play it
Chen he swims because of Chen Jianzhou

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