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Skills and methods of learning swimming

Swimming and I

2022-06-25 18:04Skills and methods of learning swimming
Summary: My interest in swimming composition focuses on my feelings in swimmingMy hobby is a very special one, that is swimming. I went to Shuangyashan to learn swimming from my eldest sister last summer vacat
My interest in swimming composition focuses on my feelings in swimming
My hobby is a very special one, that is swimming. I went to Shuangyashan to learn swimming from my eldest sister last summer vacation, which made me feel great fun, so I like swimming. That day, my aunt took us to the Fifth Ring swimming pool. WOW! There are so many people inside! Because the big pool is very deep, it will submerge meSwimming composition I made with my partner about my childhood 600 words
After that, in order to commemorate the years we had gone through, a few days after our departure, I came to your house with several classmates. We all bought gifts for you, and you prepared a rich luSwimming and Inch for us. Then, we walked in the fields and enjoyed the sparkling lakeMy classmates and I have a swimming diary of 300 words
It's a nice day today. My classmate xxx and I wenSwimming and It to the swimming pool to swim and swim (omit 300 words here). When we were tired of swimming, I became fat with my classmate
Diary of my father and I going swimming 150 words
This evening, my parents and I went to learn swimSwimming and Iming. Class is over, and we begin to practice drifting. After watching my father's performance, I made up my mind to do it well. After repeated practice, I swam faster, but I didn't run as fast as my little sisterWrite a composition about going swimming with a good friend of mine
Yu Yu and I were responsible for making snowballs. After a while, we made more than a dozen. Jiajia saw that we had so many "weapons" and asked each of us to take two, leading a group of our children to rush to the enemy's "nest". Although we came prepared, we were beaten down and defeated by the tenacious "enemy"My favorite composition about swimming is 600 words
I like swimming best in summer, because it can not only cool my hot temperature, but also exercise my body. In fact, the reason why I like swimming is that I just learned to swim. One summer, my father and I took a nap at home. Because the weather is muggy, I turn on all the electric fans at homeSummer vacation, I went to the swimming pool with my classmates
During the summer vaSwimming and Ication, I went swimming with my classmates. We "land ducks" spent two months in the water during the summer vacation. Everyone's swimming skills have also made a big leap. Today, however, we come to the swimming pool again. The main purpose is to practice swimming for 25 meters to reach the standard. Yuexiu Park has a large swimming pool with good water quality and peopleMom and dad go swimming with me
After half a month, I made great progress in swimming. I learned not only "freestyle", but also "breaststroke". I proudly said to my father, "Dad, you lost." Dad smiled brightly and said, "where there is a will, there is a way. You are not afraid of hardship and have determination. Of course, dad lost." After listening to my father's words, my brother and I both laughed knowingly. One yearSwimming brings me pleasure
I could not help cheering: "I will float!" The coach opposite looked at me and said happily, "yes, that's it!". My classmates and I are just floating around in the water. Don't mention how happy we are. Although I only learned the basic knowledge of swimming that day - drifting, I realized the joy of playing with waterI went to hainar with my swimming team
My classmates in the swimming team and I went to Heinl! Pro: Miss Gao, I wish you progress in your study and be happy every day_ V! Hope to adopt, thx
Swimming and I

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