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The beginning of swimming

2022-06-26 12:05Swimming tips and methods video
Summary: Who can give me a swimming composition of about 300 words, beginning and endingToday, I put on my swimsuit and stood by the swimming pool. I saw a little sister putting down her life buoy and slowly s
Who can give me a swimming composition of about 300 words, beginning and ending
Today, I put on my swimsuit and stood by the swimming pool. I saw a little sister putting down her life buoy and slowly swallowing the groundwater. At this time, I couldn't help thinking of me who was swimming for the first time. It was a summer six years ago. On a whim, my father said he would take me swimmingThe beginning and end of the composition on learning to swim
It depends on how you write your main content. For example, the summer vacation is coming. The weather is very hot and uncomfortable. It's too boring to stay at home. What should I learn? yes! Learning to swim can not only cool down, but also have fun in the water world, and also exercise! Hee hee! Kill three birds with one stoneHappy summer vacation composition 400 swimming beginning and end
One dayThe beginning of swimming, I compared myThe beginning of swimming skills with my classmates. Some of them could swim, some could ride bicycles, some could do handicrafts, and some could cook... I could do the rest, but I couldn't swim at all. I want my parents to teach me how to swim on Saturday and Sunday. We came to the swimming poolBeginning of junior high school summer vacation composition swimming
Since the summer vacation of 2004, I discussed with my mother and asked her to take me to learn swimming. Mother was very surprised and said, "do you really want to swim?" "Yes! Since I have made this request, I will do it!" I said to my mother in a firm tone. Finally, after my "pleading in every way", she promised me to learn swimming. Here we areI really want to learn how to swim
No wind and waves is not the sea, no ups and downs is not life. In the process of human growth, we will encounter many setbacks and failures, but failure is the mother of success. As long as we overcome difficulties and make unremitting efforts, we will certainly reach the other side of success. I remember last summer vacation, when I went swimming with my classmates, all of them could swimHeThe beginning of swimminglp me write the beginning of a composition about swimming
In the hot summer, my familyThe beginning of swimming and I came to the swimming pool
How to write the beginning of learning to swim
For a while, I was at a loss. In the sea of learning, the teacher is the wave that helps me move forward, but it seems that I just drift with the waves and allow myself to change the prescribed swimming style by the waves. Approaching the high school entrance examination, I was suddenly confused... That day, my father took me swimming to relax me. "Come on, swim from here to the other side
The 400 word swimming composition has a beginning, a middle and an end
I learned how to swim. I really feel great for learning how to swim. In previous swimming classes, although I dared to draw water on the steps, I did not dare to go into the water with my whole body, and I did not dare to swim. In the summer vacation, there was a swimming class. We changed our clothes. When we got to the swimming pool, everyone else went into the water. I was the only one who was trembling and dared not go into the waterI like swimming composition
My favorite sport is swimming, because I think swimming can not only strengthen the body, but also be very cool. In the muggy summer, once you swim into the water, it will not be hot at once, making people feel that summer is as comfortable as autumn. When I first swam, I tied a rope to the swimming circle, which was on my bodyGo swimming at the beginning and end
One summer day, my parents took me to the swimming pool to learn swimming. As soon as I got to the swimming pool, I was very afraid, because I could not swim, so I was so afraid. Mother said, "don't be afraid. Let me teach you." I said, "of course." Then mom asked Dad to stand five meters away from her
The beginning of swimming

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